Sides Hope to Roll Cases Into 1 Accord

July 18, 2011

Lawyers from both sides are meeting in New York on Monday with hopes of finally reaching a global settlement. “A global settlement would mean that those two cases, along with the retired players’ lawsuit and all other legal issues, would be dropped if the players ratify a new collective bargaining agreement, which is expected to cover the next 10 seasons. That would be the quickest way to get the lockout lifted.”

If everything goes as planned, the lockout will be lifted by Friday. The sudden “rush” towards reaching an agreement might save the first week of the pre-season which boils down to money! The urgency might also be due to a ratified agreement which specifies that the teams have an exclusive 72-hour window to negotiate contracts with their own free agents on Friday before July 25 which is when the players hit the open market at the beginning of the league-wide free agency.

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