Reding: Access to Justice is a Cornerstone of the European Area of Justice

Balkans Business News
July 25, 2011

Because cross-border cases are particularly complex, costly, and time-consuming, the European Union Mediation Directive provides parties with an opportunity to voluntarily mediate cross-border disputes. Because the directive was adopted in May 2008 and has been in force since May 2011, all EU Member States should now have measures in place to implement the EU legislation. However, nine countries including France, the UK, and Spain have not yet taken the required measures. A formal letter of notice has been issues and the countries will have two months to respond.

The Vice-President Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Justice said, “Access to justice is a cornerstone of the European area of justice. Mediation…saves time, money and spares parties involved in already emotional family cases the additional trauma of going to court.” She then calls on the remaining nine Member States to “urgently finalize transposition so that citizens and businesses can fully enjoy their rights.”

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