China Offers Mediation Between North & South Sudan

Sudan Tribune
August 9, 2011

Outstanding post-secession issues remain between North Sudan and South Sudan. After a two-day visit by senior Chinese official to Khartoum and Juba, China announced their offer to serve as mediator to help resolve these issues. Sudanese foreign ministers “welcomed China’s initiative saying that Beijing is qualified to play this role given the acceptance and appreciation it enjoys from both sides.”

However, China’s role in Sudan is not one of neutrality or impartiality. In fact, China has billions of dollars invested in Sudan’s oil sector and the breakup of Sudan presents a dilemma since most of the oil reserves are in the South and the pipelines, refineries, and infrastructure are located in the North. As negotiations continue between North and South Sudan to resolve these types of disputes, China has vowed to help both economies develop and grow. We shall see.

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