Mediators’ New Book Offers Soldiers Tools to Resolve Conflicts

Marietta Daily Journal
August 8, 2011

A group of mediators have recently written “Understanding Conflict: A Resource for the Military Family” to provide soldiers with tools for resolving conflict. The book was written to help military families deal with the “pressures of war, multiple deployments, injuries and the economy” which inevitably create stress and conflict in the mind leading to increased violence, divorce rates, and suicides.

The authors of the book are a group of mediators who operate Conflict Resolution Academy on Concord Road in Smyrna, an independent consulting company specializing in mediation services. The mediators saw an increase in war veterans seeking help and the book was their response to help improve health and stability among military families. The authors have initiated “Operation: Soldier at Ease” which asks businesses to donate money to provide veterans with a free copy of the book, with a portion of the proceeds going towards veteran organizations.

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