Renowned Professional Mediator Releases New Book Advising Leaders How to Mediate Peace in Areas of Conflict Worldwide and Domestically

SF Gate
August 11, 2011

Professional mediator, Douglas E. Noll, recently released his book Elusive Peace-How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts. He writes of how negotiation and mediation may be able to help humanitarian efforts in light of recent tragedies in the world. For example, Somalia is a poster child for the negative effects of civil war on the most vulnerable segments of the population and how “[w]ithout a civil society, no rule of law, and no functioning court system, private enterprise are left to whatever can be protected from thieves and warlords.”

Noll explains that “An unprecedented amount of countries in the world are currently suffering from civil unrest, wars, and stubborn dictators using inhumane means to maintain power.” Although the US is not responsible for helping to resolve every dispute, “by using an outdated negotiation model, the U.S. risks economic peril, and becomes party to and a part of the conflict. It is time to reevaluate American values and develop long- term effective and modern strategies that match American priorities.”

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