DeMaio asks Texas Medical Board for a Trial in Unnecessary-Stent Case

The Heart
August 27, 2011

The Texas Medical Board decided to reject a mediation agreement involving Dr. Samuel J. DeMaio over his alleged violations of standard of care by using unnecessary-stenting on patients resulting in at least one death. DeMaio and three representatives from the board had drafted the mediation agreement earlier this year.

After the full board rejected the mediation agreement that was presented to them, DeMaio decided to push for a trial which he believes will result in a more fair outcome. Although DeMaio was pleased with the previous outcome of the mediation, DeMaio insists that “The board isn’t taking me to court, it’s the other way around. We’re the ones who filed for a trial, because the board wouldn’t sign off on the mediation that their representative and I agreed to.”

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