Obama Influences Zuma in Zim Mediation: Tsvangirai

Bulawayo 24 News

August 28, 2011

Last Thursday, the latest string of 100 confidential US diplomatic cables were released by WikiLeaks.  With the release of a sensational letter written by Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to President Obama in late 2009, the role of President Zuma’s GPA facilitation in the Zimbabwe conflict has been thrown into doubt.  The letter reveals the US dialogue with the South African leader on his mediation efforts in Zimbabwe.

On observer notes that the 2009 letter “must be embarrassing to Zuma not least because it compromises him as having backdoor communication with the US president in support of the MDC-T which is known to be supported by the US government.”  Given the confidential nature of information surrounding international negotiations and mediation, the release of this information could be shattering. 

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