Scottish University on Course to Deliver Masters in Mediation

Scotsman News
August 29, 2011

Mediation has become established practice in countries like the US, New Zealand, Australia, and England, but Scotland has yet to completely “see the light.” Dr. Bryan Clark said, “The Woolf reforms of 1999 made it harder for parties to refuse to mediate in the English courts. In Scotland, courts can be lukewarm, sometimes hostile, to mediation - due to a mixture of ignorance, conservatism and vested interest.”

The government of Scotland wishes to encourage and promote mediation in the court system. One way that Scotland is doing this is by offering the first masters in mediation and conflict management at a Scottish University. Course leader Dr. Bryan Clark said this has been in the works for five years and will help encourage mediation by creating enthusiasm from the courts and perhaps even a pilot scheme.

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