Family Matters: No Dirty Linen from the Rineharts

The Syndney Morning Herald
September 14, 2011

The NSW Supreme Court just issued a suppression order regarding the legal dispute between Gina Rinehart—Australia’s richest person—and her children after it came to light that the family signed a confidentiality deed in 2007. The family entered this “secret pact not to air their dirty laundry in public to protect the family’s image and limit the fallout on business dealings.” Mrs. Rinehart is the trustee of a trust for her children and there has been threats of legal action over her role in the family business.

The family’s business has attracted considerable mediation attention so the earlier agreement to resolve any conflict confidentiality (through mediation or arbitration) was an attempt to avoid “the public airing of disputes, with the concomitant potential for that to undermine confidence of others dealing with the trust or the parties in their sensitive commercial arrangements.” This is a unique concept that celebrities and public figures alike might consider for resolving their family disputes and keeping their personal matters private!

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