Mediation Program Can Help Farmers Solve Problems with Creditors

Morning Sun
August 31, 2011

Due to the dry and hot weather, conditions for Kansas corn crop have worsened and created financial problems for the region’s producers. The Kansas Agricultural Mediation Service (KAMS) steps in to help agricultural producers during these tough times by helping them prepare for negotiations with their creditors as well as providing mediations. KAMS also provides legal representation for farmers and ranchers at a reduced rate.

Staff attorney with KAMS, Forrest Buhler, said, “What it does is, it gets the farmer together with all the creditors in the community and comes to the table and tries to figure out options to deal with it that would really be better for everybody, not just the farmer, but everybody short of some type of bankruptcy or foreclosure. It really affects not only just the farmer, but the seed dealer, and the fertilizer, the implement dealer, the fuel people — it affects everybody in the farm community.”

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