UN Mediation Must to Avoid Environmental Hazards

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September 26, 2011

Pakistan and India prepare for another round of talks on the Siachen area which feeds the Indus River. Experts suggest that hundreds of thousands of people who rely on this river will face disastrous effects of water pollution because the Siachen Glacier lacks natural biodegrading agents to decompose the large amount of metals and plastics that the Indian military forces regularly thrown away in this area. Experts suggest that both countries need United Nation mediation to find ways to cope with growing environmental challenges which pose grave threats to people in the region.

Experts suggest that the major pollutants simply merge with the Siachen Glacier as permanent pollutants, leaching toxins like cobalt, cadmium, and chromium into the ice, and “This waste eventually reaches the Indus River, affecting drinking and irrigation water being used by millions of people both from India and Pakistan.”

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