Liberia Calls for Greater UN Mediation Before Crises Degenerate

United Nations News Service
September 26, 2011

Liberia has opened the way to stability and democratic elections after finally closing the chapter on a disastrous 14 year civil war. In light of the United Nations intervention which helped end the ongoing civil war, Vice-President Joseph N. Boakai told the General Assembly that the international community must focus on preventative measures before crisis erupts.

Stressing that the UN plays a pivotal role in promoting mediation, Boakai said “As a post-conflict country, Liberia has benefited immensely from multi mediation efforts ranging from national, regional and international initiatives aimed at restoring and maintaining stability in the country.” He continued, “Our experience leads us to suggest that greater emphasis be placed on preventive measures, and that the tools of mediation be employed as soon as early warning signs of conflict emerge. The benefits of establishing an early warning system that will deal with potentially explosive situations before they degenerate into full-blown infernos are obvious.”

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