UN Should Lead By Example – Liechtenstein

United Nation News Centre
September 26, 2011

There has been a lot of talk at the United Nations that women should be more involved in resolving conflicts and disputes around the globe. Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick of Liechtenstein told the General Assembly earlier this week that the international community must do more to encourage women to participate in conflict prevention and resolution including serving as mediators during political transitions.

The broader international community is exploring other means of conflict prevention. However, only a small fraction of the UN Secretariat’s resources are dedicated to mediation whereas the general spending on peacekeeping is more than $7 billion. Frick says, “The United Nations are often involved in transitional processes. If and where it is, it must ensure a strong role of women and apply a gender perspective. Most importantly, the UN must lead by example and appoint more women as leaders in mediation and other transitional processes.”

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