DRF calls for including mediation clauses in construction contracts

Gulf Times
September 7, 2011

Recently, a Dispute Resolution Forum was held to focus on the Qatari government’s increased usage of mediation clauses in construction contracts. The goal is to both prevent conflict and complete projects on time. Officials and participants at the forum explored the various ADR mechanisms available for inclusion in construction contracts as well as procedures that will be sensitive to the multi-cultural environment in Qatar.

The shift may also be due in part to the desire to give comfort to international contractors who want to participate in the country’s exciting future. Wayne Clark said, “While many major construction projects were already in the pipeline before the 2022 FIFA World Cup result was announced, Qatar’s successful bid has changed one dynamic for its ambitious construction programme. This dynamic is time. Projects essential to the 2022 World Cup cannot be late. It is vital therefore to introduce effective conflict avoidance and/or resolution procedures into all future construction contracts in Qatar.”

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