About this Talk:  In this installment of the ADR Times VLOG series, Olympic arbitrator Maidie Oliveau, athlete lawyer Howard Jacobs, and sports law mediator and arbitrator Jeff Benz share candid insights into their first-hand experiences with the well known Apolo Ohno and Paul Hamm Olympics arbitration cases. Mr. Jacobs and Mrs. Oliveau spoke as part of an ADR Times round table discussion also including acclaimed sports law neutral Alan Rothenberg.

About Maidie Oliveau: Maidie Oliveau is counsel at Arent Fox, is on the panels of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the London Court of International Arbitration, and has acted as an arbitrator in cases brought under the US Anti-Doping Agency protocol and the US Olympic Committee Code of Conduct. Website—

About Howard Jacobs: Howard Jacobs has been identified by the Los Angeles Times and other national publications as one of the leading athlete lawyers in the United States. He has represented professional athletes, Olympic athletes and amateur athletes in a variety of sports-related cases. Website—

About Jeff Benz: Jeff Benz has extensive, overarching and hands-on experience as a litigator, in house counsel, transactional attorney, outside counsel, and ADR neutral spanning nearly two decades of practice. He is a former professional athlete, has served as general council of the US Olympic Committee, and has mediated hundreds of sports law cases. Website—

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