Teenage driving and their practices were the main problems of the research spearheaded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Aptly called Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. What exactly the study targets on is how teens behave while driving and what precisely the typical reasons for accidents are by having a camera installed in their cars. Car accidents are the primary reason why there’s a growing death among young individuals.

AAA found that distracting actions are significant among all teen drivers. Such actions that give high amounts of distraction are texting, grooming practices, cell phones and makeup application. As another practice of some drivers, they tend to always get something in and about their automobile while driving.

Another huge reason why teens get out of focus whilst driving a car is the use of gadgets. Facts show that the percent of teen drivers who made this major driving mistake is 70%. In addition to that, even older teenagers were also carrying this out.

It was discovered that female teen drivers are more likely to utilize electronics as compared to their male counterparts. What’s more, female teenagers tend to get more very easily out of focus whilst driving than men. Drinking, reaching for items as well as eating are just samples of the activities they carry out while driving a vehicle that distracts them. This only implies that gender does play a huge factor.

It is so remarkable that this research has discovered that when teenagers have someone older in the vehicle, they don’t do something crazy. Teenagers tend to fix their own eyes on the wheel more when accompanied by an older person. It must be noted however, that the driving distraction merely gets reduced if accompanied by an adult, not with somebody of similar age.

People don’t find this research as surprising due to the incessant increase on accidents brought on by distracted driving. Our office look up to the hard works done by educators as well as law makers alike on lowering the number of distracted driving habits in South Florida. Conversely, they still have to do lots of things to protect pedestrians, drivers and also passengers. accident

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