Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver are held by The AAA Foundation for Travel Safety wherein the actions of adolescent drivers while in a car are supervised through video. Revealed in this blog, the typical reason behind teen fatalities are automobile accidents. Therefore, a research was made to be able to figure out the driver’s actions while in their car that put their lives in danger.

The AAA learned that a lot of teen motorists engage on distracting activities. Text messaging, cosmetics application, and other grooming routines are part of these activities. Reaching for things in the car is also identified as a distracting habit engaged in by the drivers.

Among these disturbances, using electronics largely contribute to adolescent drivers’ distraction. It was found that 70% of all motorists drive while utilizing electronics. This count reaches a larger number with older teen drivers.

Female teens utilize more electronics compared to guys. Additionally, ladies are so preoccupied with other items that distract them compared to men. The factors that cause distraction are not focusing on the street as they reach for things in their automobiles, eating, and drinking. This imply that gender plays a very important role in this matter.

But, what was awesome with this study is the discovery that when teens have somebody older people than them within the vehicle such as their mother and father, they behave. Mainly because they are accompanied by an adult, the typical distracting actions they do lessens. But the decrease in distracting activities only applies if the person is older because whenever they are with those of the same age as them, it boosts instead.

This study is not surprising because the number of accidents due to distracted driving is booming. Our office presents high regard to educators, lawmakers and folks who are involved in lessening distracted driving behaviors on the highway of South Florida. Yet, more needs to be done to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians. accident

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