The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety done Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver; an in automobile video study of the practices of teenage motorists. Shown in this weblog, the prevalent cause of adolescent demise are automobile accidents. Hence, a detailed investigation is implemented to identify the activities that these motorists engage that risks their lives.

AAA uncovered the fact that most teenage drivers are often doing distracting actions. Such activities that give high levels of distraction are text messaging, grooming habits, cell phones and cosmetics application. Reaching for stuffs in the car is also found as a distracting behavior engaged in by the drivers.

Another big reason why teenagers get out of concentration while driving a vehicle is the use of gadgets. Facts display that the percent of teen drivers who committed this really serious driving mistake is 70%. Surprisingly, even older teenagers are guilty of this action.

It has been a confirmed fact the teenage ladies employ electronic gizmos greater than men. Moreover, women perform more activities that keep them sidetracked compared to males. The activities they carry out include eating, drinking and getting other things. This just demonstrates that gender does play a great factor.

Parents who ride with their kids is a major influence which makes teens drive much more securely. The distracting activities they do when they are alone reduces because of the presence of an adult. Nevertheless, this reduction in distracting actions merely happens when there is an adult and the opposite thing occurs whenever they have somebody that’s of similar age as them.

Individuals don’t find this research as stunning brought by the constant increase on accidents caused by distracted driving. Our office presents high regard to educators, lawmakers and people who’re involved in reducing distracted driving behaviors on the roads of South Florida. Nevertheless, more should be done to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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