The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety done Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver; an in automobile video study of the behavior of teen drivers. According to this website, the main killer among adolescents are auto accidents. For that reason, experts made a study to ascertain what caused these motorists to meet a car accident.

According to AAA, distracting activities are usually done by the majority of teen motorists. Text messaging, makeup application, and other grooming routines are part of these actions. Reaching for things in the automobile is also found as a distracting habit engaged in by the drivers.

Employing electronic units was also identified to be the primary distraction of teens while driving a car. It is proven that this major mistake is committed by about 70% of teenager drivers. But not just that, many older teens were also carrying this out on their own.

It has been a verified truth the teen girls utilize electronic gadgets greater than guys. In addition, female teens behave a lot more badly while driving a vehicle as compared to men. Such distractive activities involve reaching for stuff, eating and drinking. This just signifies that gender does play a major factor.

Incredibly, this study has found that when teenagers are with someone older within the vehicle, they act right. The distracting actions they perform lessen because of the presence of an adult. An adult who accompanies them plays a huge influential difference when it comes to teenagers driving very carefully compared to somebody of similar age group.

You shouldn’t be surprised concerning the results of this research. A lot of accidents happen because of these distracting activities. We take our hats off to individuals in South Florida who are pushing to spread awareness concerning the perils of distracting habits. These includes the law makers and educators of the said state. Nevertheless, there is still quite a distance to go when it comes to bettering safety on the highway and also enacting the motorists to drive securely. accident lawyer

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