Teenage driving and their own practices were the primary problems of the research spearheaded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The study conducted was known as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. This research involves placing a video inside the car of young adults which recorded what they carry out when they drive and then attempting to find out what precisely really triggers them to put their life in danger. It is considered that the major reason of teenager deaths nowadays is due to car accidents.

If there are stuff that AAA has learned from this study, it is the activities of teenagers while driving a vehicle. With the pointless activities they conduct whilst driving a vehicle, they usually lose focus on the street. They keep themselves occupied while driving a vehicle with unneeded things like texting, calling and make-up application. Additionally, fiddling a whole lot whilst driving is also one of the main reasons.

One of the primary interruptions of teenager drivers whilst driving is their electronics. 70% of all teenage drivers were identified guilty of doing this huge driving mistake. Surprisingly, even older teenagers are responsible of this act.

Research discovered that gender also plays a part in this for women have greater tendencies to make use of electronics like mobile phones as compared to males. Teenage female drivers have higher tendency to distracting things while driving for example reaching an item, drinking, and also eating compared to teenage male drivers.

It is so remarkable that this research has found that when teenagers have somebody older in the car, they don’t do something crazy. Teenagers tend to fix their eyes on the wheel much more when accompanied by an adult individual. It must be considered however, that the driving distraction merely gets less when accompanied by an adult, not with someone of the same age.

This research isn’t shocking while there is a continuous increase on accidents brought by distracted driving. Our office provides high regard to educators, lawmakers and individuals who’re involved in minimizing distracted driving behaviors on the roads of South Florida. Nonetheless, there’s more to achieve in safeguarding passengers, drivers, and also pedestrians. accident

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