The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety implemented a study which focuses on teenage driving and how they act when driving. Aptly known as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. The research goes like this; teenager drivers will be monitored through a video recorder inside their automobile and with this, the reason for possible accidents will be determined. Automobile mishaps are identified to be the leading cause of teen deaths now.

The actions of teenager drivers while driving on the very busy highways is what precisely AAA figured out through this study. What exactly they conduct whilst driving a car hinders their capability to concentrate. They keep themselves busy whilst driving a vehicle with pointless stuff like texting, calling and makeup application. It was also determined that one of the common causes of distraction is seeking things in their car while driving.

One of the major interruptions of teenager drivers whilst driving a car is their electronic devices. Facts show that the percentage of teen drivers who committed this major driving mistake is 70%. In addition to that, even old teenagers were also doing this.

The research also shows that gender was another factor as it was found that between the two genders, it’s the teenage females who take more time on using electronics for example cell phone as compared to males. Teenage female drivers have higher inclination to distracting things while driving for example reaching an item, drinking, and also eating as compared with teenage male drivers.

Incredibly, this research has found that when teens are with someone older in the vehicle, they act right. The distracting activities they perform lessen because of the presence of an adult. But the decrease in distracting actions only applies when the particular person is older simply because whenever they are with those of the same age as them, it increases instead.

The result of this research is not a surprise. Accidents that took place because of distracted driving have increased. We appreciate individuals who are looking for ways to make certain distracted driving habits down the roads of South Florida are reduced if not eliminated. The shakers as well as movers behind this initiative include professors and state lawmakers. Nonetheless one also has to admit the belief that it’s still a long way to be sure that those drivers, passengers and also pedestrians are safe when they’re in the road. accident

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