Teen driving and their practices were the main issues of the study spearheaded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Aptly known as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. What precisely the research targets on is how teens act whilst driving and what the typical reasons for accidents are by having a video camera mounted inside their vehicles. It is considered that the major reason of teen demise today is due to auto accidents.

If there are items that AAA has found out from this study, it is the activities of teens while driving a car. With the unnecessary activities they do whilst driving, they tend to lose concentration on the street. Texting while driving a car and putting on makeup are a few of the frequent factors that cause distraction. Additionally, fiddling a lot whilst driving a vehicle is also one of the main causes.

Results of the research deducted that the use of gadgets highly adds to the distraction among adolescent motorists. The surprising thing is that 70% of the total number of motorists use an electronic gadget. This number even increase on older adolescent motorists.

Research discovered that gender also plays a part in this for women have greater inclinations to make use of electronic devices similar to mobile phones when compared with males. Teenage female drivers have greater inclination to distracting things while driving including reaching an item, drinking, and eating than teenage male drivers.

But, what was remarkable with this research is the discovery that when teenagers have someone older people than them in the automobile such as their mother and father, they behave. The distracting activities they do lessen due to the presence of an adult. Nonetheless, this reduction in distracting activities just happens when there is an adult and the contrary thing occurs when they have somebody that’s of the same age as them.

You shouldn’t be amazed in regards to the results of this research. Accidents which happened due to distracted driving have raised. We would like to give a round of applause to folks who are giving their very best to at least reduce distracted driving habits on South Florida. These people comprise of educators and law makes who live in the state. Nonetheless, it’s going to still take lots of education and discipline just before every driver, passenger as well as pedestrian is safe on the road. Injury lawyer

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