The AALS ADR Section Executive Committee is pleased to announce that this year’s AALS ADR Section Works-in-Progress will be at Marquette University Law School, on September 22-24, 2016.

The Executive Committee decided to award Marquette the WiP without our usual bidding process in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the WiP, and in recognition that Marquette, and Professor Andrea Schneider, are responsible for starting this now well-established tradition in the ADR academic community.  As many of us remember, Marquette hosted the first dispute resolution WiP in 2007.   Importantly, the Executive Committee was also impressed with Marquette’s strong proposal which included continuing the new tradition (started last year by Texas A&M) of providing up to five travel stipends to first-time WiP attendees (for up to $750).  Next year we will resume the competitive bidding process for awarding the WiP.

For now, please mark your calendars for this year’s WiP.  For those who have not yet attended a WiP, this is the time to start.  Andrea and Marquette will no doubt organize an event to be remembered!  And, as I have said before, the ADR WiP is a wonderfully collegial and highly intellectually engaging experience.  I have presented many works-in-progress at the WiP and each article is better due to the experience and suggestions from the other participants.  It is also a fantastic opportunity to hear from other scholars about cutting edge work in our field and to get to know each other better.

Congratulations to Marquette Law School!


Cyntha Alkon is an Associate Professor of Law at Texas A&M University School of Law. Prior to joining academia, she was a criminal defense lawyer and worked in rule of law development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia focusing on criminal justice reform issues. She is a contributor of ADR Prof Blog.