couple of weeks ago I started doing some work with The Retail Ombudsman, and this has now become a more long term commitment and sees me concentrating on a number of areas for them, not least aviation.


I've worked within ADR and aviation for a number of years in related ways.  Spending a decade or more as the manager of the ABTA arbitration scheme, I often dealt with airlines and their partner tour operators, and working for other ADR providers I developed pilots, contracts and relationships within the aviation sector.  These included commercial aviation, a topic I have mediated on at least once if not more.


Having now been approved / certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (as well as by Chartered Trading Standards Institute for their retail activities) the model offered by the Retail Ombudsman is the most fit for purpose I have seen.  This is largely based on it being free to the consumer, but of low cost to the airline.  The low cost to the airline is something I see as a major step forward. For too long the cost of ADR has been prohibitive for business, but no longer is that the case.


You can read the full press release here.  The bit relating to me is copied below:


"The scheme has been beefed up by the appointment of Gregory Hunt, previously with Ombudsman Services, who have decided to withdraw from the aviation sector. Gregg will be working closely with the Airline Dispute Resolution team to help develop the offering and to on board airlines.


“I am pleased to be working with Airline Dispute Resolution and the Retail Ombudsman, Gregory said. “I have watched its development closely over the last 18 months and been impressed by the speed in which it has established itself as the dominant ADR provider in the retail market.


“I am sure that position will gather strength over the next few years as airlines, retailers and consumers grow to trust that it will be able to provide the most cost-effective, speedy and fair resolution of consumer disputes. It is an exciting time to join.”

Founder of Gregory Hunt Mediation providing Ombudsman Services and Commercial Mediation.