The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety administered a study which targets on teenage driving and how they act behind the wheel. Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver is the title of the study. In this particular research, a video recorder was placed within the car to keep an eye on and determine the cause of possible accidents where teenager drivers are involved. Automobile accidents are the very known reason for death amongst teenagers these days.

AAA learned the reality that many adolescent drivers are often doing distracting activities. Some actions include putting on makeup, mobile phone utilization, and text messaging. Reaching for things in the vehicle is also found as a distracting practice engaged in by the motorists.

The investigation identified the point that utilizing electronics distracts a teenage motorist than any other thing. It was shocking to know that electronic devices are used by 70% of the drivers while travelling. Teenage motorists who are older have even increased percentage of using gadgets.

Gender was a huge factor as this study revealed that women in their teens employ electronic devices, such as mobile phones, double the amount of time compared to their male partners. Female teen drivers also engaged in other distracted behaviors, including reaching for items and eating and drinking, significantly more as compared to male teenage drivers.

Interestingly, these distracting behaviors are minimized if they are accompanied by parents or other adults. While the opposite was true whenever passengers were teenagers. Distracting behavior increases if they’re just driving with other teenagers.

This study is not a surprise as distracted driving accidents rise in number. Our office congratulates all of the efforts of lawmakers, educators and those who help decrease distracted driving behaviors in South Florida’s streets. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more to achieve in protecting passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. accident attorney


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