Teen driving and their own practices were the main issues of the research spearheaded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Aptly called Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. In this specific research, a video recorder was placed in the car to monitor and determine the cause of possible accidents where teen drivers are involved. It is believed that the major reason of teenager deaths today is due to auto accidents.

If there are items that AAA has discovered from this research, it is the actions of teenagers while driving a vehicle. These exercises take away their attention to driving a car. They keep themselves busy whilst driving with unnecessary things such as text messaging, calling and make-up application. In addition, fiddling a whole lot while driving a car is also one of the primary reasons.

Teens get easily diverted when they utilize electronic devices when they drive. Virtually a quarter percentage of teens violate this tight driving process. Nonetheless, this matter is also relevant to older teens.

It was found out that female teen drivers are more likely to utilize electronics than their male counterparts. Furthermore, females perform more activities that keep them sidetracked as compared to guys. Drinking, reaching for things as well as eating are only samples of the activities they carry out while driving a vehicle that distracts them. This only demonstrates that gender affects such.

Annoying behaviors are significantly lowered whenever their parents is their passenger, that is a very interesting finding in this study. Distracting behaviors increase if they are just accompanied by other teenagers. With teens in the vehicle annoying activities actually increased.

This research isn’t unbelievable as there is a continual increase on accidents due to distracted driving. Our office congratulates all the efforts of lawmakers, educators and people who help reduce distracted driving behaviors in South Florida’s streets. Nonetheless, there’s a lot more to achieve in protecting passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. Injury lawyer

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