How teens act when driving is the subject of a research created by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver is the title of the research. The study goes like this; teen drivers will be supervised through a video recorder in their car or truck and with this, the cause of potential accidents will be determined. Vehicle accidents are the very known reason for death among teens nowadays.

AAA found that distracting actions are significant among all teen drivers. These actions include usage of mobile telephones, texting, makeup application and other grooming habits. Reaching for stuffs in the vehicle is also identified as a distracting practice engaged in by the drivers.

It is indisputable that a few of the gadgets owned by teens are known to be one of their interruptions whilst they are driving a vehicle. 70% of all teen drivers were identified responsible of committing this huge driving mistake. But not only that, many older teenagers were also carrying this out themselves.

Gender was a big factor because this study revealed that females in their teens employ electronic devices, including cellular phones, double the amount of time when compared with their male partners. As compared with male teen drivers, female teen drivers do annoying behaviors whilst driving for example drinking, eating as well as reaching for items more frequently.

Curiously, these distracting behaviors are minimized if they’re accompanied by parents or some other adults. Nevertheless, it is the exact opposite whenever it’s just their peers which are accompanying them. They don’t feel any restrictions having their peers as passengers that’s the reason why their distracting behaviors increased.

This research is not astonishing while there is a continual increase on accidents due to distracted driving. Our office look up to hard works carried out by educators and law makers alike on bringing down the number of distracted driving behavior in South Florida. Nonetheless, there’s more to achieve in safeguarding passengers, drivers, and pedestrians.


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