The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety performed research about how young adults drive and their own practices as well. The study was entitled Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. What the research focuses on is how teens act whilst driving and what the common causes of incidents are by having a video camera installed inside their automobiles. Vehicle accidents are discovered to be the leading cause of teen demise today.

AAA found that distracting activities are critical among all adolescent drivers. Makeup application, cell phones, grooming routines and text messaging are identified to be part of the said distracting actions. Another distracting practice among the drivers was reaching for objects in and about the automobile.

Teens get quickly diverted when they use gadgets when they drive. 70% of all teen drivers were identified accountable of committing this big driving mistake. However, this matter is also relevant to old teens.

It has been a confirmed truth the teenage ladies use electronic gizmos greater than men. Furthermore, female teenagers often get more easily out of focus while driving than men. The causes of distraction are not focusing on the road since they reach for things inside their automobiles, eating, and drinking. This mean that gender plays an extremely essential role in this issue.

Annoying behaviors are noticeably lowered when their parents is their passenger, which is a very interesting finding in this study. In the presence of their peers, they feel that they have more freedom to choose what they want which includes distracting behaviors. If the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase because no authority figure impose any restrictions.

The outcome of the study doesn’t come as a shock. Many accidents take place due to these distracting activities. We appreciate individuals who are looking for ways to ensure distracted driving habits along the roads of South Florida are reduced if not eliminated. The shakers as well as movers behind this initiative include professors as well as state lawmakers. Nonetheless, there’s still quite a distance to go with regards to improving safety on the highway as well as enacting the drivers to drive safely and securely. Injury

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