The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted research on how adolescents drive and their own habits as well. It was referred to as as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. This research involves placing a video within the vehicle of teenagers which captured just what exactly they do when they drive and then trying to determine what exactly really triggers them to put their lives in jeopardy. It is considered that the major reason of teenager demise these days is due to car accidents.

The AAA found that most teenage drivers engage on distracting actions. Some activities include putting on makeup, cell phone usage, and text messages. As another practice of some drivers, they often always pick up something in and about their automobile while driving.

Utilizing electronic units was also figured out to be the major distraction of teens while driving a car. Facts display that the percentage of teen drivers who committed this major driving mistake is 70%. On top of that, older teenagers also make the same mistake.

The research also shows that gender was yet another factor since it was found that between the two genders, it is the teenage females who take more time on making use of electronics including cellular phone as compared to males. Teenage female drivers have greater tendency to distracting things whilst driving including reaching an item, drinking, as well as eating compared to teenage male drivers.

Incredibly, this research has found that when young adults are with someone older in the car, they behave right. The distracting actions they carry out lessen due to the presence of an adult. Nevertheless, this decrease in distracting activities just takes place when there is an adult and the opposite thing occurs whenever they have somebody that is of the same age as them.

The outcomes revealed from the study is not a surprise. An increase in automobile accidents is mainly attributed to drivers who’re out-of-focus. We commend people who advocate safe driving and avoid distracting driving habits in South Florida. The shakers as well as movers behind this initiative include professors as well as state lawmakers. With regards to road safety, it must be emphasized that drivers, passengers, as well as pedestrians should follow strict driving protocols for every thing to improve.

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