Teenage driving and their practices were the primary issues of the study spearheaded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The study was called Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. In this particular research, a video recorder was put inside the vehicle in order to monitor and figure out the cause of potential accidents where teenager drivers are involved. Automobile accidents are found to be the major cause of teenager demise these days.

The AAA learned that many teen drivers engage on distracting activities. Makeup application, cell phones, grooming routines and text messaging are seen to be part of the said distracting activities. Another distracting practice among the motorists was reaching for things in and about the vehicle.

The study found that the greatest distraction for all teen drivers was the use of electronics. An alarming 70% of the motorists used an electronic device while driving. This number even increase on older teenage drivers.

Male teen drivers don’t use gadgets as frequently as girl drivers do. Furthermore, female teenagers often get more very easily out of focus while driving a car than men. The factors that cause distraction are not focusing on the street as they reach for stuff in their vehicles, eating, and drinking. This only demonstrates that gender impacts such.

Amazingly, this research has learned that when young adults are with someone older within the automobile, they behave right. An adult’s presence play a crucial role when it comes to teens driving much more diligently. However, less distracting routines are done in the presence of an adult yet much more of it when with individuals of similar age group.

This research is not a surprise as distracted driving accidents rise in number. Our office applauds the efforts of educators as well as law makers alike who’ve made efforts to decrease distracted driving habits in the streets of South Florida. On the flip side, they still should do a lot of things to protect pedestrians, drivers and also passengers.Injury

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