istracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver are conducted by The AAA Foundation for Travel Safety wherein the actions of teenage motorists while in a vehicle are monitored through video. According to this weblog, the top killer among teens are car accidents. For that reason, investigators made a study to ascertain what caused these drivers to meet a crash.

AAA found in this research how young adults act whilst they are driving a vehicle on the highway. They are busy performing another thing which distracts them while driving a car. These unneeded activities include texting and calling, putting cosmetics on their faces, and a number of other items. Sometimes, they even attempt to get a certain thing on the other side of the automobile even though it is very difficult to get.

Among these disturbances, usage of gadgets primarily contribute to adolescent drivers’ distraction. The alarming thing is that 70% of the total number of drivers utilize an electronic device. This was even larger among older teenage drivers.

Gender was also a big factor simply because this study revealed that women in their teens make use of electronic devices, which includes cell phones, double the amount of time than their male partners. Teenage female drivers have higher tendency to distracting things whilst driving such as reaching an item, drinking, as well as eating when compared with teenage male drivers.

It was discovered however, that teens act accordingly while driving when accompanied by seniors like their mom and dad. The distracting actions they carry out lessen due to the presence of an adult. Nevertheless, less distracting actions are carried out in the presence of an adult yet much more of it when with individuals of similar age group.

This research isn’t astonishing as there is a continual increase on accidents brought by distracted driving. Our office applauds the efforts of educators as well as law makers alike who have made efforts to decrease distracted driving habits on the streets of South Florida. However, they still should do a lot of things to protect pedestrians, drivers and also passengers. Injury

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