The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety done Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver; an in car video study of the habits of teenage drivers. As recently revealed in this webpage, automobile accidents is the leading killer among teenagers. Consequently, research was conducted so as to find out just what activities these motorists do that puts them at risk.

If there are stuff that AAA has found out from this study, it is the actions of youngsters while driving. These activities take away their focus on driving. A number of them utilize their mobile phones to call and text, others are very busy making themselves attractive by applying makeup as well as other stuff. Sometimes, they even try to get some thing on the other side of the automobile though it is very difficult to get.

Among these distractions, usage of electronic devices mainly contribute to adolescent drivers’ distraction. An startling 70% of the motorists made use of an electronic gadget while driving. This count reaches a larger percentage with older teenage drivers.

Female teens utilize more electronics as compared to guys. Furthermore, female teenagers behave more terribly while driving a vehicle compared to men. Reaching for things, eating, and drinking are some of the most common factors. It is found that gender plays a big role.

Incredibly, this study has learned that when young adults are with someone older within the car, they act right. An adult’s presence play a significant role when it comes to teenagers driving more cautiously. But the decrease in distracting activities only applies whenever the particular person is older mainly because whenever they are with those of the similar age as them, it increases instead.

This study isn’t surprising since the number of accidents because of distracted driving is booming. Our office look up to hard works done by educators and law makers alike on lowering the number of distracted driving behavior in South Florida. Nonetheless, there’s much more to achieve in safeguarding passengers, drivers, and pedestrians.accident attorney

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