The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety held Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver wherein adolescent drivers’ practices in an automobile are video monitored According to this weblog, the main killer among teenagers are car accidents. Therefore, a research was made in order to ascertain the driver’s actions while in their vehicle that put their lives in peril.

AAA observed that distracting activities are significant among all teen drivers. Some actions include using makeup, cellular phone usage, and text messages. Furthermore; several drivers have the habit of reaching things on some areas of the vehicle.

The research also learned that the utilization of electronic gadgets is the most significant distraction for many teenage drivers. It was surprising to find out that gadgets are used by 70% of the drivers while travelling. This count reaches a bigger number with older adolescent drivers.

It has also been viewed that teen girls use electronics a lot more than men. In addition, women do more activities that keep them diverted as compared to men. Such distractive activities involve reaching for stuff, eating and drinking. This just implies that gender does play a big factor.

It was also found out that teenagers have a tendency to decrease distracting behaviors when parents or some other adults will accompany them while driving. Nonetheless, it’s the exact opposite whenever it’s just their peers that are accompanying them. They are not scared to perform annoying activities only if their friends are in the vehicle along with them.

The results revealed from the study is not a surprise. Accidents that took place because of distracted driving have raised. We’d like to give a round of applause to folks who’re giving their very best to at least reduce distracted driving habits on South Florida. These includes the law makers and educators of the said state. Nonetheless, it will still take lots of education and also discipline before every driver, passenger and pedestrian is safe on the road. accident

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