A research was executed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety about teenager driving and their own habits. Aptly called Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. The study goes like this; teen drivers will be monitored through a video recorder inside their car and with this, the reason for potential accidents will be identified. Car accidents are the very known reason for demise among young adults in these days.

AAA observed that distracting activities are critical among all teen motorists. These activities include usage of mobile telephones, text messaging, makeup application and other grooming habits. As another behavior of some motorists, they tend to always get something in and about their vehicle while driving.

Making use of electronic units was also identified to be the primary distraction of teenagers whilst driving a car. It is confirmed that this major mistake is committed by around 70% of teenager drivers. In addition to that, even old teens were also carrying this out.

Gender was a big factor because this study revealed that girls in their teens make use of electronic devices, such as cellular phones, double the amount of time in comparison with their male partners. Teenage female drivers have greater inclination to distracting things whilst driving for example reaching an item, drinking, and eating than teenage male drivers.

Oddly enough, these distracting behaviors are reduced if they’re accompanied by parents or some other adults. While the opposite was true when passengers were teenagers. With other teens in the vehicle annoying activities actually increased.

This research isn’t unbelievable because there is a continuous increase on accidents due to distracted driving. Our office look up to the hard works carried out by educators as well as law makers alike on decreasing the number of distracted driving habits in South Florida. Nevertheless, more has to be done to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians. accident lawyer

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