The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety done Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver; an in automobile video study of the behavior of teen drivers. As what you have browsed in this blog before, the primary reason why many teens are killed is because of auto accidents. Therefore, an investigation was made in order to ascertain the driver’s activities while in their vehicle that placed their lives at risk.

The AAA was able to monitor teenager activities when driving throughout study. Their attention to driving is lost due to these distracting actions. These unnecessary activities include text messaging and calling, putting cosmetics on their faces, and some other items. There are even several who were viewed to be reaching for items from any part of the vehicle.

The study also found out that the utilization of electronic gadgets is the greatest distraction for many teenage drivers. An startling 70% of the drivers utilized an electronic device while driving. This percentage even increase on older teen motorists.

The study also implies that gender was another factor given it was found that between the two genders, it is the teenage females who spend more time on employing gadgets such as cell phone as compared with males. Drinking, eating as well as reaching for items are distracting behaviors which were found being engaged more by female teen drivers extensively more than male teenage drivers.

But, what was awesome with this study is the discovery that when young adults have someone older people than them within the car such as their mother and father, they behave. Teens often fix their eyes on the wheel more when accompanied by an older individual. It must be considered however, that the driving distraction only becomes reduced when accompanied by an adult, not with somebody of the same age.

The results uncovered from the study is no longer a surprise. An increase in car accidents is primarily attributed to drivers who are out-of-focus. We appreciate those who’re looking for methods to be sure distracted driving habits along the roads of South Florida are lessened if not eliminated. These individuals comprise of educators and also law makes who dwell in the state. Nonetheless, there is still a long way to go with regards to improving safety on the highway and also enacting the motorists to drive safely. accident attorney

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