The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety done Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver; an in vehicle video study of the behavior of teenage drivers. As formerly revealed in this blog, automobile accidents is the leading killer among teenagers. For that reason, investigation was held as a way to identify precisely what activities these motorists do that puts them in peril.

AAA discovered in this research how teens behave while they are driving on the road. What precisely they conduct while driving hinders their capability to focus. They keep themselves occupied while driving with pointless things like texting, calling as well as makeup application. Often, they even attempt to grab some thing on the other side of the car even though it is difficult to get.

Among these interruptions, usage of electronics primarily contribute to adolescent drivers’ distraction. 70% of all drivers are likely to make use of electronics while driving. This was even greater among older adolescent motorists.

Another huge factor is gender since this research found that teenage females tend to be more frequently making use of electronic devices just like cellular phones in comparison with teen males. Drinking, eating as well as reaching for items are distracting behaviors which were found being engaged more by female teen drivers broadly a lot more than male teenage drivers.

What was especially interesting was the finding that when parents or adults were in the vehicle, distracting behavior among the teens decreased. Nevertheless, it is the exact opposite whenever it’s just their peers which are accompanying them. In case the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase since no authority figure enforce any restrictions.

This study is not a surprise as distracted driving accidents rise in number. Our office look up to the hard works carried out by educators and also law makers alike on decreasing the number of distracted driving habits in South Florida. Hence, there are still many things that should be executed in safeguarding drivers, pedestrians as well as passengers. personal Injury

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