An in-car adolescent drivers’ behaviors video study which is the Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver is given by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. As recently revealed in this weblog, car accidents is the leading killer among teens. Hence, a detailed investigation is done to identify the activities that these motorists engage that risks their lives.

Among the visible things that were identified by AAA throughout the research, actions behind the wheel were outlined. Their attention to driving a car is lost because of these distracting activities. They keep themselves busy whilst driving a car with unnecessary stuff like texting, calling as well as make-up application. It was also discovered that one of the frequent reasons for distraction is trying to find stuffs inside their car while driving.

One of the main interruptions of teen drivers while driving a car is their gadgets. Facts show that the percent of teenage drivers who committed this major driving mistake is 70%. Surprisingly, even older teens are responsible of this action.

Female teens use more gadgets as compared to men. Not only that, several of these female teenagers are doing more things that get them distracted compared to guys. Such distractive activities include reaching for things, eating and drinking. This imply that gender plays an extremely important role in this matter.

Amazingly, this study has found that when teenagers are with someone older within the car, they behave right. Teenagers tend to fix their own eyes on the wheel more when accompanied by an older individual. However, less distracting actions are done in the presence of an adult yet much more of it when with individuals of the same age group.

This study is not shocking as the number of accidents due to distracted driving is rising. Our office offers high regard to educators, lawmakers and folks who are involved in lowering distracted driving behaviors on the roads of South Florida. On the other hand, they still need to do several things to protect pedestrians, drivers and also passengers. accident


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