The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety administered a study which focuses on teenager driving and how they behave when driving. Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver is the title of the research. The research goes like this; teen drivers will be supervised through a video recorder inside their automobile and with this, the reason for potential accidents will be figured out. Because it was once shown in this blod that the primary reason for death amongst the young ones these days is car accidents.

As reported by AAA, distracting actions are usually performed by the most of adolescent drivers. Makeup application, cell phones, grooming habits and text messaging are seen to be part of the said distracting activities. Drivers also do a distracting habit in which they frequently take items in the automobile.

Using electronic units was also figured out to be the main distraction of teenagers while driving. Almost a quarter percentage of teenagers violate this tight driving process. In addition to that, even older teenagers were also carrying this out.

It was found out that female teen drivers are more likely to utilize electronic devices than their male counterparts. Not only that, several female teenagers are doing more things that get them sidetracked as compared to males. The activities they perform include eating, drinking and getting other items. This imply that gender plays an extremely vital role in this matter.

Yet another interesting finding of this study is that when parents or some other adults are inside the vehicle, teens have a tendency to minimize their annoying behaviors. In the presence of their peers, they feel they have more freedom to select what they want such as annoying behaviors. In case the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase because no authority figure enforce any restrictions.

People do not find this research as surprising brought by the constant increase on accidents brought on by distracted driving. Our office highly appreciates the endeavors of law makers and also educators in reducing South Florida’s distracted driving habits. Hence, there are still many things that should be executed in safeguarding drivers, pedestrians and passengers. accident lawyer

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