The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety carried out Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver wherein teenage drivers’ practices in a vehicle are video monitored Shown in this website, the common reason behind adolescent demise are automobile accidents. Consequently, a comprehensive evaluation is performed to understand the exact actions done by these drivers that put their overall safety at danger.

The AAA found that many adolescent motorists engage on distracting actions. Some activities include using cosmetics, mobile phone utilization, and text messages. Another distracting practice among the drivers was reaching for objects in and about the automobile.

The study identified that the biggest distraction for all teenage drivers was the usage of gadgets. It was shocking to know that gadgets are used by 70% of the motorists while travelling. Adolescent drivers who are older have even bigger percentage of using gadgets.

The study also implies that gender was yet another factor mainly because it was found that between the two genders, it is the teenage females who spend more time on using electronics for example cell phone as compared to males. Drinking, eating, and also reaching for stuffs whilst driving is very distracting, and it is also found that female teen drivers do this more than teenage male drivers.

But, what was awesome with this research is the discovery that when young adults have someone older people than them within the automobile such as their parents, they behave. The distracting actions they do when they are alone reduces because of the presence of an adult. An adult who accompanies them plays a major influential difference when it comes to teens driving very carefully compared to someone of the same age group.

The results revealed from the study no longer is a surprise. Accidents that happened because of distracted driving have raised. We appreciate those people who are looking for ways to be sure distracted driving habits down the roads of South Florida are reduced if not eliminated. Academicians as well as state lawmakers generally make up this group of people. Nonetheless one also has to admit the reality that it’s still a long way to be certain that those drivers, passengers as well as pedestrians are secure when they’re in the road. Injury

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