Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver are held by The AAA Foundation for Travel Safety wherein the activities of adolescent motorists while inside a vehicle are monitored through video. According to this weblog, the number one killer among teenagers are car accidents. For that reason, study was held to be able to identify just what actions these drivers engage in that puts them in danger.

AAA found in this study how young adults behave while they are driving a car on the road. Their focus on driving a vehicle is lost due to these distracting actions. Some of them make use of their phones to call and text, others are very busy making themselves lovely by applying beauty products and other stuff. There are even several who were seen to be reaching for things from almost any part of the automobile.

Among these distractions, using electronic devices primarily contribute to adolescent drivers’ distraction. It was surprising to find out that electronics are used by 70% of the drivers while travelling. This was even higher among older teenage drivers.

Research found that gender also plays a part in this for females have greater tendencies to make use of electronics like mobile phones in comparison with males. Female teen drivers also involved in other distracted behaviors, which includes reaching for items and eating and drinking, significantly more compared to male teenage drivers.

Another interesting finding of this study is that whenever parents or other adults are inside the vehicle, teens have a tendency to decrease their distracting behaviors. While the opposite was true when passengers were teenagers. Distracting behavior increases if they’re just driving with teenagers.

This research is not unbelievable while there is a continual increase on accidents brought by distracted driving. Our office highly values the endeavors of law makers and educators in lessening South Florida’s distracted driving behavior. However, they still must do many things to protect pedestrians, drivers and passengers. Injury

Victoria Pynchon is an attorney-mediator and arbitrator. She is also a principal in the She Negotiates Consulting and Training firm for which her blog “She Negotiates” is named. In addition to writing for the Forbes.com legal blog “On the Docket,” Pynchon also authored the book “A is for A**hole, the Grownups' ABCs of Conflict Resolution.