Teenage driving and their own practices were the primary concerns of the study spearheaded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. It was referred to as as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. The study goes like this; teenager drivers will be monitored through a video recorder in their automobile and with this, the reason for possible accidents will be identified. Automobile accidents are the main reason why there’s a growing death among young individuals.

AAA found in this research how youngsters act whilst they are driving on the road. These actions take away their attention to driving a vehicle. Several of them utilize their cell phones to call and also text, other people are very busy making themselves attractive by applying beauty products as well as other items. Sometimes, they even attempt to grab some thing on the other side of the automobile though it is very difficult to get.

It is undeniable that several of the gadgets owned by teens are considered to be one of their disruptions whilst they are driving a car. Facts reveal that the percent of teenage drivers who committed this major driving mistake is 70%. On top of that, even older teenagers were also doing this.

It has also been observed that teenage girls utilize electronics more than men. Not just that, a number of these female teenagers are doing more stuff that get them sidetracked as opposed to guys. The factors that cause distraction are not focusing on the road since they reach for things in their cars, eating, and drinking. This only proves that gender affects such.

Distracting behaviors are significantly reduced whenever their parents is their passenger, that is a quite interesting finding in this study. However, it is the exact opposite when it’s just their peers which are accompanying them. In case the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase since no authority figure impose any restrictions.

The end result of the study doesn’t come as a shock. The number of accidents today have raised because individuals don’t concentrate while they drive. We commend people who advocate safe driving and avoid distracting driving habits in South Florida. The shakers and movers behind this initiative include professors and state lawmakers. When it comes to road safety, it needs to be emphasized that drivers, passengers, and pedestrians should stick to strict driving protocols for everything to improve.

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