The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety implemented a study which focuses on teenage driving and exactly how they act when driving. Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver is the title of the study. The research goes like this; teenager drivers will be checked through a video recorder inside their vehicle and with this, the cause of potential accidents will be figured out. Since it was once shown in this blod that the number one reason for death amongst the kids these days is automobile accidents.

AAA learned that teen drivers get involved on distracting activities. Some activities include applying cosmetics, cellular phone utilization, and sending text messages. Reaching for things in the car is also identified as a distracting behavior engaged in by the drivers.

It is incontrovertible that a few of the gadgets owned by teens are considered to be one of their disruptions whilst they are driving a vehicle. 7 out of 10 teens make this big driving mistake. Nevertheless, this matter is also appropriate to older teens.

Another big factor is gender simply because this research discovered that teen females tend to be more frequently utilizing electronics like cellular phones as compared with teen males. Drinking, eating, as well as reaching for stuffs while driving is extremely distracting, which is also found that female teen drivers do this more frequently than teenage male drivers.

It was discovered however, that teenagers behave accordingly while driving a vehicle when accompanied by older people such as their mother and father. An adult’s presence play an important role when it comes to teens driving more carefully. Nonetheless, this reduction in distracting activities only happens when there is an adult and the opposite thing happens when they have someone that’s of the same age as them.

People don’t find this research as stunning brought by the incessant increase on accidents caused by distracted driving. Our office look up to hard works carried out by educators and also law makers alike on bringing down the number of distracted driving behavior in South Florida. Nevertheless, there’s more to achieve in safeguarding passengers, drivers, and also pedestrians. accident

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