How young adults act when driving is the subject of a research created by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Aptly known as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. In this particular study, a video recorder was installed in the vehicle to be able to monitor and figure out the cause of potential accidents where teen drivers are involved. Car accidents are the major reason why there’s a growing death among young people.

AAA learned the reality that a lot of adolescent motorists are frequently doing distracting actions. Some actions include putting on makeup, cell phone utilization, and texting. As another practice of some drivers, they tend to always pick up something in and about their car while driving.

Teens get quickly distracted when they use gadgets when they drive. 70% of all teenage drivers were found guilty of doing this huge driving mistake. Nonetheless, this matter is also applicable to old teenagers.

The research also implies that gender was another factor because it was found that between the two genders, it is the teenage females who spend more time on employing gadgets including mobile phone when compared with males. As compared to male teen drivers, female teen drivers do annoying behaviors while driving like drinking, eating as well as grabbing items more often.

It was discovered however, that teenagers behave appropriately while driving a vehicle when accompanied by seniors such as their mother and father. Because they are accompanied by an adult, the usual distracting activities they do lessens. However, this reduction in distracting actions merely occurs when there is an adult and the opposite thing occurs whenever they have somebody that is of the same age as them.

This study isn’t shocking because the number of accidents due to distracted driving is rising. Our office applauds the efforts of educators as well as law makers alike who have made efforts to decrease distracted driving habits in the streets of South Florida. Nonetheless, more needs to be done to protect drivers, passengers and also pedestrians. accident

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