Hunt ADR is pleased to confirm that following the appointment of Gregory Hunt to its panel of mediators, ADR-ODR International has now confirmed Gregory's place on its panel of experts, known as cADRe.

cADRe is made up of a highly respected international team of experts from across the globe, including former UK Cabinet members, a former Vice-President of the European Parliament and former Ministers of Justice of EU member states.


These experts are available for all kinds of dispute resolution needs, including reforming government and judicial aspects of ADR and mediating or arbitrating local, national or international disputes.


The experts can also work together as part of a team with their respective expertise to create a unique approach to address the needs of the dynamic and ever changing landscape of dispute resolution.

Contact Gregory or ADR-ODR International for more information.

Founder of Gregory Hunt Mediation providing Ombudsman Services and Commercial Mediation.