For getting an immigration green card, you should take a long time process because there are many steps that must be taken even if you had been married. Learn several facts about the immigration green card procedure will help your way and obtain the best result.

In case you come into the United States on a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 visa, the procedure will certainly take several years and, in case you choose to start with a lawyer, may lead to duplicating fees and papers. Legal professional is a a good choice to consult about this difficulty, so it will be easier for you to acquire an immigration immigration green card compared to entering the states with these types of visas.

The best way to permanent residence and citizenship is achieved if the marriage takes place in the USA, and all of the documents is filed in this place, too. People who would like to be the permanent citizen must complete all the agreements and live in the United States until they obtain the status.

Procedure for Acquiring a Green Card

With a marriage, there are a number of steps that should be accomplished to obtain the green card. The applicant need to give the forms of a marriage certificate and divorce certificate if any, a proper vise request from immigration and real data about the U.S citizen partner. Each of the facts presented have to be real, authorized and made in English language. Furthermore, the documents for adjustment of status must be filed, the form for a work licence, and the form for advance parole trip if the spouse is admissible to the United States. You should shell out at least one-thousand dollars for the filing prices. Next is to submit an formal letter from the foreign-born loved one.

Once all of the information have been provided, the applicant have to go for fingerprinting. A few months will likely go by until an interview is arranged for the husband and wife. Do not tell lies in this process. Response all the questions truthfully and do not make up any lie statements. The spouse can go to the following question if doesn’t know the answer. Dress nicely when going to the interview and communicate pleasantly to the interviewer.

The Review Process

Dissimilarities in race, religion, or age will be asked by the interviewer to identify in case the husband and wife have a dishonest objective. The spouses have to be well prepared if the interview indicates not enough correlation. The interviewer will be more concerned if the husband is younger compared to the wife. This problem will bother the interviewees, however the interviewer has right to seek something more personal.

If an abnormality is suspected while in the first interview, a second interview will be planned individually. In this case, if the answers do not match, the petitioner may be subject to criminal penalty and pushed to admit to fake purpose.

Use a reputable lawyer and never tell any lies statements in going through the activity are the best methods to attain your purpose to acquire the green card.

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