The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted research about how young adults drive and their own habits also. The research carried out came to be known as Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Driver. This study revolves around the actions of teenagers as they drive and exactly how they get involved in automobile accidents by having a camera set up in their automobiles to monitor their every move. Car mishaps are the very known cause of demise among teens nowadays.

The AAA was able to observe teen activities behind the wheel during the course of study. Their attention to driving a car is lost because of these distracting activities. A number of them utilize their cell phones to call and text, other people are very busy making themselves beautiful by applying beauty products and also other things. It has also been discovered that teen drivers try to reach stuffs in other parts of the vehicle.

Teens get quickly distracted when they employ gadgets as they drive. Virtually a quarter percentage of teens violate this stringent driving process. But not only that, numerous older teenagers were also carrying this out themselves.

It was determined that female teen drivers are more inclined to make use of gadgets than their male counterparts. What’s more, female teenagers usually get more easily out of focus whilst driving a vehicle than men. The factors that cause distraction are not focusing on the road since they reach for things inside their automobiles, eating, and drinking. Thus, a major contributing aspect is gender.

It was also found that teens have a tendency to lessen distracting behaviors whenever parents or any other adults will accompany them whilst driving. In the presence of their peers, they feel they have more freedom to choose what they want such as distracting behaviors. If the passengers are teens, distracting activities increase because no authority figure impose any restrictions.

This study isn’t astonishing as the number of accidents because of distracted driving is on the rise. Our office applauds the efforts of educators and also law makers alike who have made efforts to lower distracted driving habits in the streets of South Florida. Nonetheless, there is a lot more to achieve in protecting passengers, drivers, as well as pedestrians. accident law firm

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