Over the past few years that has been a dramatic increase in cases involving disputes over intellectual property in the U.S. including state of California. In fact, almost twenty percent of all intellectual property cases are filed in California. While some of these cases actually go to trial, the vast majority are resolved before trial, many through alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation.

The complexity of the issues, the risks at each stage of the legal process are significant and the time required to move through the legal process commend use of alternative dispute resolution. Consequently, trial attorneys are finding their role in handling intellectual property disputes in CA becoming increasingly a process of balance these factors while managing client expectations.

Drawing on an engineering background, thirty five years as an advocate in commercial, intellectual property and e-discovery disputes, twenty years serving as an arbitrator, 200+ mediations and 400+ hours of formal ADR training, Greg is “all in” in assisting parties in the speedy and economic resolution of disputes whether as a negotiation or settlement counselor, a mediator or an arbitrator. While Greg is available for mediation and arbitration of various disputes, his focus remains on complex commercial and intellectual property matters including e-discovery disputes. Greg can be reached at