“That’s the way I’ve always done it!”

My usual response is an internal groan.

An example is a small condo association with three units that does not keep official meeting minutes, and does not do proper voting. Problems arise when there are new unit owners with questions in regards to past events. There is no record and this can result in a liability issue.

There is a reason why there are condominium bylaws. They need to be followed, and if they are too difficult to follow then either a) hire a management company or b) change the bylaws.

What about sending out contracts, and starting the work before they are signed. This is very common, but it becomes an issue when the work being done is questioned. A signature is very important.

An easy fix is to use Hello Sign or DocuSign. These are valid ways to have signatures signed, and courts recognize them per state and federal law.

There always needs to be follow through so make that follow through easier.

Just because a contract is “standard” does not mean that it cannot be changed. Most contracts are the result of a negotiation. You want the contract to reflect the discussions, and to understand what is being stated because you will be signing it along with the other party.

The adage does not just extend to legal matters. Marketing and networking may also require some change.

Cynthia Pasciuto is an attorney, consultant, mediator and educator in Massachusetts who has taught at Bentley University, NIWH and NESA.