It takes somehow complex procedures to acquire an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to reach that goal. Understanding some of the common rules and some of the trade-offs can help to determine which is the best path to take to obtain this target.

Once you come to USA with a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 visa then it will take several years waiting or you can use a lawyer but it will make you spend a lot more cash. Attorney is a good way to discuss about this issue, so it will much better for you to receive an immigration immigration green card compared to stepping into the United States with these kind of visas.

The quickest way to be a permanent U.S citizen is to get married and fill the civil paperwork there. The nonnative people have to reside in the country and complete all the paperworks to get their objective.

Steps for Getting a Green Card

Many procedures have to be taken to get immigration green card with a marriage. These consist of the immigration visa petition, facts of US citizenship from one spouse, a marriage document, and proof of termination of any previous marriages. All of these documents must be properly certified and translated into English. In addition, the documents for adjustment of status have to be filed, the document for a work permit, and the document for advance parole trip if the spouse is admissible to the USA. Filing fees run at present beyond one-thousand dollars. Next is to submit an authorized document from the foreign-born loved one.

After all of the main steps completed, then the applicant should do a fingerprint. The partner have to wait for some months to make an interview. At the interview, it is important to be honest. No detail has to be volunteered. Simply answer the questions as they are put forth. Never guess at an answer. If the spouse doesn’t know the answer it is fine to tell it. At the interview, dress properly and be well-mannered to the interviewer.

The Test Procedure

The interviewer will be seeking dissimilarities in race, faith, or age as aspects that may signal a deceitful intention. Prepare yourself for a tough interview if there are big difference responses. The interviewer will be more concerned if the husband is younger compared to the wife. This point will irritate the interviewees, on the other hand the interviewer has right to ask something more personal.

The interviewer will hold another interview privately when the answers didn’t match well. However, if the answers do not match, the applicant may be subject to criminal penalty and forced to admit to fake purpose.

Follow the whole process, give the true story of you and hire a good attorney are the most things you can do to acquire the green card.

Victoria Pynchon is an attorney-mediator and arbitrator. She is also a principal in the She Negotiates Consulting and Training firm for which her blog “She Negotiates” is named. In addition to writing for the legal blog “On the Docket,” Pynchon also authored the book “A is for A**hole, the Grownups' ABCs of Conflict Resolution.