It takes somehow complicated stages to acquire an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to achieve that. You need to acquire a number of data to learn all the specifications required to acquire the green card.

If you come to USA with a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 passport then it normally requires years waiting or you can use an attorney but it will cause you use a lot more cash. If a legal professional is to be employed, it is suggested to do so before coming with these types of visas.

The most effective path to be a permanent United States resident is to get married and fill the civil documents there. People who would like to be the permanent citizen have to complete all the paperwork and live in the United States until they receive the status.

Specifications to Get a Green Card

Through a marriage, there are some things that should be completed to obtain the green card. The applicant need to give the documents of a marriage certificate and divorce document if any, a formal vise request from immigration and interview with the U.S citizen partner. All of these papers have to be properly authorized and translated into English. In addition, the application for adjustment of status need to be filed, the application for a work licence, and the document for advance parole travel if the partner is admissible to the United States. Filing costs run lately more than one-thousand dollars. Legitimate document from nonnative spouse is highly have to be registered.

Once the required application is submitted, one will be called in for fingerprint scanning. Several weeks will likely go by until an interview is scheduled for the couples. Never tell lies in this interview. Reply all the questions honestly and never make up any unreliable stories. If the applicant doesn’t know the answer it is alright to confess it. Dress properly when going to the interview and communicate politely to the interviewer.

The Interviewing Procedure

The interviewer will be seeking dissimilarities in race, faith, or age as points that may indicate a fraudulent purpose. Prepare yourself for a strong interview in case there are big difference answers. If the woman is much older than the husband, this is particularly identifiable as an issue. It perhaps annoying, but it is legal for the interviewer to look into this point.

The interviewer will arrange a second interview in person when the answers didn’t match adequately. If the interviewer is still unable to get the appropriate answers, petitioner will be imposed in a criminal case and was forced to admit crimes of fraud.

Employ a trusted lawyer and never tell untruth statements in going through the activity are the best methods to reach your purpose to acquire the green card.

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